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PES, Inc. is a professional consulting firm that offers environmental assessments, due diligence surveys, and compliance audits. We serve a wide range of clients, including the following:

  • Real Estate Owners

  • Asset Managers

  • Financial Institutions

  • Development Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Public/Institutional Organizations

How We Can Help

Our company can perform a Phase I environmental assessment to meet the following regulations:

  • ASTM D-1527 Standard Phase I Assessments

  • All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) EPA Standard

  • ASTM E-1528 Standard for Transaction Screen Assessments

After delivering the reports, we remain available for all interested parties to clarify any outstanding issues and address follow-up concerns. We are also capable of conducting Phase II Environmental Assessments.

This allows us to further define and delineate any questionable findings. Additionally, we can identify and quantify any possible contamination identified from the Phase I study.

About the Process

Traditionally, environmental assessments are needed to satisfy the requirements of the Innocent Landowner Defense to liability imposed by the Comprehensive Environmental Response, and Liability Act (CERCLA).

These studies are often required by commercial lenders to ensure the value of the property or to establish baselines and to allocate responsibility for possible clean-up or remediation costs.

Many companies conduct these assessments as a business planning tool. Primarily they perform these before purchasing, leasing, or dispossessing commercial real estate.

Conducting Informative Studies

The Phase I Assessment is the standard level of due diligence needed to understand past environmental issues, which may affect property value and potential liability associated with prior site usage.

These studies provide protection from environmental liability associated with a real estate asset. The Transaction Screen Assessment provides limited environmental due diligence and does not meet most state regulations required for the “Landowners Liability Protection.”

These TSA studies, serve as an initial screen on low-risk properties and help determine if a Phase I Assessment is warranted.

Keeping You Updated on Your Reports

The client is typically provided a digital copy of our report with a rapid turnaround to meet deadlines. Our reports can be personalized to meet the client's needs and can include required governmental forms as required.

Clients can be assured that our company has quality control procedures and insurance coverage to ensure confidence in our product.

Speak With Our Dependable Team

We can provide you with an estimate for the cost of a due diligence study by receiving an email with the property address, type of land improvements, and any information on the history of the property or other studies. If you have any questions, please complete the general information contact request.

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