Your Trusted Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Support Team

Serving Commercial Lenders and Real Estate Managers

Your Trusted Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Support Team

Property Environmental Services (PES, Inc.) provides environmental due diligence for the commercial real estate management, lending, insurance, and investment industries. We offer vital environmental liability information to support Commercial Real Estate and Small Business Administration (SBA) lending banks and their clients.

About Our Company

Our company is headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia and serves commercial lending banks throughout the country. You can trust our professional environmental network offering cost-effective and timely environmental studies.

We can tailor our consulting services to meet our client’s needs by teaming with environmental contractors depending on the project location and specific job requirements.

Additionally, we work with banks and insurance companies to conduct periodic reviews of owned properties and portfolio risk analyses.

Services We Offer

PES, Inc. primarily conducts Phase I and Transaction Screen Assessments. In addition, we advise on any needed Phase II investigations, in order to define contamination issues. 

Our team is also experienced with compliance audits, document reviews, and government contracting support. For commercial lenders, we conduct a PES lender environmental screen for certain properties. This is the equivalent of the SBA – Records Search and Risk Assessment (RSRA).

Additionally, we can perform building material surveys and testing for asbestos, lead-in-paint, and chemical contamination.

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